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David Forgets Returns!

2009-08-20 22:06:18 by DrSuave

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Chase and David return in a new season of David Forgets! You thought it was over cause Chase left TN? Pfffff, he took David Forgets with him. We're raising the bar on this one and we're confident it's gonna blow the first season out of the water.

They will be posted under a new account, so if you're a fan you should CLICK HERE AND SUBSCRIBE.

For those who aren't aware we asked for donations to help us get the ball rolling on new David Forgets, and WOW we received enough to pick up a new little HD camera and pro tripod. Thanks to everyone who donated and showed their support, we're fired up to show you why invested in this :*

And don't pull a David, remember to subscribe to this account to be notified of new episodes.

David Forgets Returns!


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2009-08-21 02:12:30

I really love that David vector
At least it looks like a vector
its tight
I'm not even gonna yell at you
I like it


2009-08-21 03:32:46

I love everything you guys do.
I love C+H
I love TN
I love DF
I love DS
And I love abbreviations!

DrSuave responds:

Thanks! We're itching to provide you some QUALITY stuff.
Because a whole lot of crap is still crap.


2009-08-21 04:19:42

Coming up with a witty response to this newspost is somewhat of a challenge.

DrSuave responds:

Hips and nips, make it sexy or you don't eat.


2009-08-21 05:22:27

I love the David Forgets series and I have watched every episode at least twice, but I have a question and I do hope you will answer: Will the new episodes of David Forgets be on your site only or will it be on yours and David's website (the Tomorrows Nobodys site)?

DrSuave responds:

It will have absolutely nothing to do with Tomorrow's Nobody. You'll find it on the new site and I have a feeling you'll see updates about it on Explosm as well.


2009-08-21 08:20:21

Hey, David, did you take out the trash?


2009-08-21 14:41:17

Hey thanks for answering my question. I often go to Explosm and the TN site, so I wasn't sure where I would be able to see the new episodes lol. I didn't want to miss them, since Chase is awesome in the videos and David himself is a genius in comedic situations (forgetful as he is tho lol). Anyway can't wait to see the new ones!


2009-08-21 16:08:19

Damnit! I just lost a bet that this show wouldn't return untill October. Oh well im glad to see it return. So what's going on with chase now? Because while he didn't make the series i feel that he played an important role. And well he kind of looks like me in 5 years and thats badass...

But forget that shit, keep up the work and i'll keep on watching and recommending.