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New short: A Simple Light

2008-01-09 15:23:50 by DrSuave

The fourth of Dr. Suave's creations is FA-LAMING!

Check it out right here on Newgrounds.

Also check out the Explosm Version for a change at the end. We couldn't decide on one so we used both!

New short: A Simple Light


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2008-01-09 15:39:12


first comment.


2008-01-09 21:20:23

Nice, I liked the ending, made me lol so random.

And no one cares you have the first comment you retard.


2008-01-09 22:08:28

End it all is still my favorite. Also Chase, you really get to try out a lot of different styles with this little thing.


2011-06-15 21:16:17

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