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New short - "end it all"

2007-12-12 21:50:17 by DrSuave

Dr. Suave's latest creation is suicidal!

Watch it on!

This originated as a comic Kris Wilson made quite a while ago, you can see the original comic in a viewer at the end of the short. It was a new, scratchy visual style for me to work with and I think it came out quite nicely.

Check it out, and look out for it to show up on Newgrounds soon so we can read all your lovely reviews.

New short - "end it all"

Mr. Peanut on Newgrounds!

2007-10-17 16:32:48 by DrSuave

Mr. Peanut is now up on Newgrounds!

It's a peanut in a top hat!
Watch, review, enjoy, or hate it.

As always it's still available on Explosm.

New Cartoon: Mr. Peanut

2007-10-10 01:42:32 by DrSuave

Me and Kris have completed another Dr. Suave masterpiece!

Mr. Peanut

It's currently only for viewing at Explosm but it'll be up right here on Newgrounds next week.

Keep an eye out.

New Cartoon: Mr. Peanut

Cyanide and Happiness and TN: Together at last

2007-09-13 19:19:07 by DrSuave

Kris Wilson, who makes those lovely Cyanide and Happiness comics, has joined the likes of Chase Suddarth, who animates and writes in all those cartoons you like at Tomorrow's Nobody, and Stacey Silva, our art, voice, and idea helper in hot pants.

We are Dr. Suave and we're classing up the joint with a sperm in a necktie, and with our first ever animation, a story about a seashell.

Or watch it at Explosm!

Now that's motherfucking classy!

Cyanide and Happiness and TN: Together at last